with your new layout.attachTabbar() functionality :

is it possible to have the tabbar position vertically? That instead of having a horizontal tabbar on the top of the layout grid, can we have a vertical tabbar on the left side of the layout grid.

This is a common ui component we see a lot in applications, would be great if we could accomplish with dhtnmlx!!



You should edit the dhtmlxwindows.js file:

win.attachTabbar = function() {
    this.tabbar = new dhtmlXTabBar(, “top”,26); <-- change to “left” or “right”

is there any cleaner way of doing that?

for example can i create some sort of extension that will not affect your current code but ONLY add to your current provided functionality?

i donot wish to modify your current code, and get myself screwed when you release another update! It won’t be a problem if i could just say override that function of yours (win.attachTabbar = function() {
) with my own implementation in a separate file? Is that possible?

Any better suggestion is welcome!!!



Thank you,


Edit the dhtmlxwindows.js file:

win.attachTabbar = function(dir) {

       // add the following line
       if (!dir) dir = “top”;

       // modify the following line
       this.tabbar = new dhtmlXTabBar(, dir, 26);

Now you can use the following syntax in the main script:

var dhxWins = nde dhtmlXWindows();
var w1 = dhxWins.createWindow(…);
var tabbar = w1.attachTabbar(“left”); // or “right”


var tabbar = dhxLayout.cells(“a”).attachTabbar(“left”); // or “right”