tabbar - loading using jsp

I tried to load the tabbar as


The jsp returns xml data. It doesn’t work, but if I point the same to a static xml it works? can we make the tabbar load tab information dynamically? using jsp?

Basically it must work, component must load data from any source while it is a valid XML.

Please check that XML response generated by script is correct XML
    - syntax is correct (some special chars can corrupt output, also if you use encoding different from UTF-8, please be sure that it is correctly specified in XML header);
    - correct content type assigned - text/xml;
    - in case of FF, there must not be any whitespaces before start of output and <?xml declaration;
To check all these requirements, just point your browser to XML generation script - if everything is correct, browser will render correct XML document.

Also you can try to use debug version of dhtmlxcommon.js  ( can be taken from … 41&ssr=yes )