tabbar : need to call autoSize()

i have an issue where i have grids that get expanded when user wants to see data. initially they all start closed but when they all get expanded the tabbar does not expand with data so part of the last grids gets cut off. so i’m thinking calling autoSize() may help when user expands a grid but i’m not sure of the correct syntax or if it would work. i would need to go from one page (DraftItemsNew.sp) to the page where the tabbar is declared (HomeBase.jsp).

thanks guys, this has really been troublesome for me. please see picture attached

in DraftItemsNew.jsp i want to call autoSize() when a grid is expanded so that the tabbar expands accordingly. something like : tabbar.cells(“tDraftItems”).autoSize();



function reloadGrid(grid) {
switch (grid) {
case ‘employers’:
tabbar.cells(“tDraftItems”).autoSize(); <—want to make call here possible

You need to set catch opening/closing of grids and call autoSize() after. If your grids are without fixed height (if you use autoHeight for them), you need to call autoSize() after the grid is loaded:


Worked perfectly. Thanks so much Alexandra!