Tabbar not recognizing label position from XML strucstring


I’m having some issues here and would appreciate any help provided.

I’m receiving this XML structure from the server:

I do some parsing on the client-side, so that i can set the tab id’s with the same request instead of doing several. Everything is getting passed correctly. The problem arises when i do var myForm = tabbar.cells(“a1”).attachForm(); myForm.loadStructString(responseText);

Everything gets split correctly, and i even managed to get a grid inside of each form. The problem is that neither label-positions (all labels appear on top of the inputs) or are being accepted into the structure.

I have used this same structure in a single form and it is all being correctly rendered, the problem is when i try to split that same form into tabs.

Cheers for your help


please provide completed dmeo including all corresponding js/css files, you can send it to if any

No need, found the problem. Form inside tabbar was being assigned by default to the tabbar skin.
I chose ‘modern’ for the tabbar, which was the reason why it wasn’t working properly. Sorry to have started this thread. You may delete it!