Tabbar now shows buttons over each other not side by side

Upgraded to DHTMLX 3.6 Pro 130619 and now the buttons on my Tabbars shows on top of eachother. Why?

TrapToolb = new dhtmlXToolbarObject("wTrapToolbar", "dhx_web"); TrapToolb.setIconsPath("../include/dhtmlx_pro/imgs/"); TrapToolb.addButton("TrapAdd", 1, "Ny rad", "grid_add_16.png", "grid_add_dis_16.png"); TrapToolb.addText("TrapText1", 2, ""); TrapToolb.addButton("TrapDel", 3, "Ta bort", "grid_delete_16.png", "grid_delete_dis_16.png");

If I revert to my old dhtmlx_pro folder 3.5 Pro it looks good, no other changes made:

We need completed demo to test the issue.
Please, crate a ticket and attach demo there (with link to this topic) or you can send the demo on (with link to this topic)