TabBar Part II

Hello again!

Thank you for your prompt response! However my two questions are partially, but not completely answered.

Issue 1

My (Your) Code:

Ok… you offer part of that code to allow me to have tabs along the top and left. You offered this too:

if(this==tabbar) document.getElementById(‘m_zone’).innerHTML = …;
else if(this==tabbar2) document.getElementById(‘m_zone’).innerHTML = …;

However, I have no idea what the “…” is for. I’ve plugged in numerous possibilities, but all have failed, so I have to resort to asking again.

Right now, the z-layer order fails. I can now select any tab (top or left) and the previous is no longer highlighted (good). However the top row tab content still covers the left row tab content. I’m guessing that bit of code I couldn’t figure out offers the solution?

Issue 2

I’d like my left tabs to render left-to-right, the same as the top row. So I need to adjust the width of the tabs. You provided this:

var tabbar = new dhtmlXTabBar(parent,mode,height);

This works, except the left tabs remain the same height (so instead of a rectangle tab like the top row, I now have a big square tabs). You said I should change the images for the left tabs, which I did; however the image change didn’t change the hight of the left row tabs.

So, how does one change the height and width or the left tabs?

Thank you again for your time and assistance.




regarding the 1st issue - we meant the sample dhtmlxTabbar/samples/tabs_orientation/tab_all.html where all tabbars don’t have content zone (tabbar.enableContentZone(false)). There is absolute-positioned container “m_zone” instead of content zone . Its content can be changed when onSelect is fired. That is what “…” means. Or you can use iframe instead of container and reload it.

The 2nd issue - tabs height and width. The width can be defined in the xml using width attribute: <tab width=“50” …> The height is set in the 3rd parameter of the constructor