TabBar Part III

Hi there!
I guess I'm just not "getting it" regarding my two issues (z-order and tab size).
The Left Tabbers XML:
<?xml version="1.0"?>


The Left Tabber JS:
tabbar=new dhtmlXTabBar2("a_tabbar","left","100");
Result: Big fat square tabbers along the left. I want rectangles, exactly the same as those along the top row.
The Top Tabber XML:
<?xml version="1.0"?>

The Top Tabber JS:
tabbar2=new dhtmlXTabBar("b_tabbar","top");
Result: Perfect rectangle tabs. Woo!
I would love to get those left tabbers to render perfect rectangles just as the top (or bottom) tabbers do. Can this be done? What am I not getting here?
All that said, back to the z-layer order... With regard ot the "m-zone" which I'm using, are you saying I cannot prevent the a layer overlap without turning everything into an iframe? How is this achieved on the Demo on your site? That Demo works perfectly. That's ALL I'm trying to achieve here. A working top tab with content and a working left tab with content. In the Demo, when you select the top tab, content appears. When you select the left tab, new content appears. When you select the top tab again, that content reappears. I'd think if it could work there, surely it would work that way anywhere?
Should this "(tabbar.enableContentZone(false))" be used somewhere in the code, or is that only for the no-content "dhtmlxTabbar/samples/tabs_orientation/tab_all.html" sample?
Thank you again - I hope to resolve this and get out of your hair soon!


the sample is attached. Please, take a look (39.7 KB)

Thank you.

I regret this example isn’t relying on the XML/AJAX, which is what I’m building upon. In this example all the content must be manually typed into the DIV and JS:

var content = {“l1”:“conent for left tabbar (1)”,“l2”:“conent for left tabbar (2)”,“t1”:“conent for top tabbar (1)”,“t2”:“conent for top tabbar (2)”};

I’m not sure why there’s a need in this example for the XML sheet other than tab titles, because all the content exist in the DIV and JS.

I need to achieve precisely what you done here in this example - except - it must be AJAX for dynamic content, as done in:


Can “tab_ajax.htm” be combined with this sample approach?



>> Can “tab_ajax.htm” be combined with this sample approach?

Unfortunately, it can’t. All tabbars should be without content zone. So, using ajax mode isn’t possible in this case

You can use ajax (for example dhmtmlxAjax component) to load data associated with tabs and place it into the container.