Tabbar Problem - iFrames-ondemand


I am using a DHTMLX Tabbar with iFrames-on-demand mode.

Suppose I have 3 tabs , Tab1, Tab2 and Tab3 and there are three separate aspx pages that are called on each tab.when user clicks on each tab, thae corresponding page is loaded.

The problem is that …

If the user navigates to all the tabs once. and later on if data in Tab 1 page is changed, and it is required to modify the values in another Tab 2.

when user saves data on Tab 1 and then navigated to Tab 2, the updated data is not reflected on Tab 2.

Please help.



You can

a) use “iframe” mode, in which data always reloaded when active tab is changed
b) use forceLoad command , to reload the content of tab, when it is necessary. … orceload&s[]=forceload