tabbar reference


I have created a super container which contains header,body and footer.
In the body container I have created three tabs as
tabbar= parent.dhtmlxLayoutObj.cells(“b”).attachTabbar();

In the third tab, I have some more sub containers. In the subcontainers, I need to refer to tabbar object and setTabActive(“first tab”);

Here the challenge is getting the tabbar object reference through traversal the DOM Elements. I tried document.getElementByID and window.parent. some how both are working. any third solution you can suggest?

Please, see my attached sample.
You can do similarly thing with your structure
layout+tabbar+button.rar (56.3 KB)

how to get the reference of a_tabbar element.

in the later of the program, we are unable to get the reference through document.getelementById(‘a_tabbar’).
We tried using parent.document.getElementyById(‘a_tabbar’);
We are getting null.


We need more details about the issue. For what reason did you use parent.document.getElementyById(‘a_tabbar’) ?

in the topcontainer of the page, the tab is added as follows.
var tabbar = parent.dhxLayout.cells(“b”).attachTabbar();

in the center of the navigation somewhere, we are able to access the cell as follows:
var dhtmlXLayoutPanelObject= parent.parent.dhxLayout.cells(“b”);

But now the tabbar reference is required.

But now the tabbar reference is required.

this is the approach to get tabbar object:

var tabbar = parent.dhxLayout.cells(“b”).attachTabbar();

You may try to use the following one
var tabbar = parent.dhxLayout.cells(“b”).getView().tabbar;

but it is not a public functionality. And possibly it won’t work in the next versions.