Tabbar Scenario

Hello ,

We are having a Scenario where i have tabbar to which i have attached 2 urls
[code]myTabbar = new dhtmlXTabBar(“my_tabbar”);

		myTabbar.addTab("tab1", "tab 1", null, null, true);
		myTabbar.addTab("tab2", "tab 2", null, null, false);

Tab1.html contains form and
Tab2.html contains 3 grids(2 normal grids , 1 tree grid) drag n drop operation is performed.

I want to perform a check on onSelect event when i select 2nd tab that my form is cleared or it needs to be saved by the user and when i select 1st tab there are no unsaved relations which are drag n droppped on treegrid.Is there any way to do this :question: Thanks in advance.

There is not enough of data
Please, attach completed demo - we will inspect it … pport.html