Tabbar: Tab area is not being initialized properly


I have a tabbar with three tabs, where the tab area does not initialize properly.

Here is a snapshot of the first tab. Notice the column of 'AND’s that are part of the tab area.

Here is a snapshot of the second tab, selected after the first tab was selected. The column of 'AND’s is still there - it does not belong to this tab.

Here is a snapshot of the second tab, selected before the first tab was selected (in another rule). The column of 'AND’s is not there.

Is this a bug? Or is there something I need to do to initialize the area?


Colin G


try to use enableForceHiding method:


hi Alex,
my problem is not quite as described here. I’m having a problem displaying the contents of the first tab at initialization. The bottom line is I want to display the first tab automatically when the page loads. I do this by setting the tab to active. The tab is made active but the content of the tab only loads after the user clicks the tab. What I would want to have done is make the tab active AND load the tab content as well.

I am doing the following things:

dhxTabbar.cells(itemId).attachURL("<c:url value="/restricted/home.jsp"/>");	

How can I get the page to load as soon as tab is active?


The tab is made active but the content of the tab only loads after the user clicks the tab.

could provide a complete demo to reproduce the problem

hi Alexander,
unfortunately I’m running the application on my development machine, and cannot deploy to a public IP. CI could provide a screen sheet of what I end up with after the application loads completely. Would that help?

You could attach the test sample to this forum. We don’t require the sample with real data, just a demo that demonstrates the problem and allows to test it locally.

Okay, will do so. (1.54 KB)Hi Alex,
find attached the demo. The problem with the tabbar not initializing seems to go away when I remove certain other calls, so I need to investigate that further. What you’ll see here though is what could be the main issue behind the whole problem, an error with the tabbar.js. I’m using IE 8, and the screenshot of the error is also attached. Let me know your thoughts.


There was a bug in tabbar. I’ve attached the demo with fixed dhtmlxtabbar.js.

However, enableAutoSize and enableAutoReSize methods can notbe used if tabbar is attached to the container (layout cell)

//dhxTabbar.enableAutoReSize(true); (79.2 KB)

Hi Alexander,
thanks for the tip, and fix in the tabbar.js. Looks like there is a similar bug in the dataview.js file as well. See the screenshot of the error I’m getting in IE. This is after I’ve updated the tabbar.js file you provided. Looks like a similar problem to the tabbar.


please provide the sample to reproduce the problem locally.