Tabbar Tab Text Styling

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Is there any way to Style the Text of a Tab? Can I put an image on a tab?

I have a tabbar set that represents multiple input form pages. I want to somehow show if the form on a given tab is complete or incomplete. I want the following information on a tab itself:


| TabName |

| COMPLETE\INCOMPLETE | <- ideally, I could color the text of these words

Something like this in the XML spec would be nice:


Alternately, I could show an image instead of complete or incomplete (such as a checkmark or smily if complete & an X or sad face if incomplete). I want the user to quickly be able to glance and see all the tabs and their status with one glance of the tabbar.


OR even:

mytabbar.setTabTextDiv( tab_id , divThatContainsWhatGoesOnTheTabItself )

I’ve already figured out that I can change height of a tab by using

mytabbar = new dhtmlXTabBar(“tabbarDiv”,“top”,33);

Though this number doesnt seem to be able to go higher than 33 without separating from the tab content.

Also, I know I can word wrap the tab text with

.dhx_tab_element{whitespace:normal !important;}



It is possible to put html into the tabs. For example:

<tab id=“tab1” width=“100px” …><![CDATA[TabName INCOMPLETE]]>

Regarding tabs height - it is necessary to change tabbar images to set the height > 33px. The images are placed in the “codebase/imgs/top/” folder (for top tab align).

Thanks!  That worked!

Now, is there anyway I can put html into the tabs via javascript when not loading from XML?

Trying this and I get nothing on the tab:

myTabs.addTab(“tab1”,"<![CDATA[Tab1Name INCOMPLETE]]>",“120px”);

also tried:

myTabs.setLabel(“tab1”,"<![CDATA[Tab1Name INCOMPLETE]]>")

which didn’t work either.


CDATA tags should be used if data is not loaded from the xml: