Tabbar Tabs expand width on refresh


I have a probleme when i use a refresh fonction for my tabbar content (with httprequest).
I hope you can help me.

This picture is before resheshing :

And now after nearly 20 refresh :

I use this html method to init tabbar :

            <div align="right" style="width:595px; height:14px"><input type="button" value="Refresh" class="inpBack" onClick="LoadDiv('force')"/></div>
            <div id="a_tabbar" style="width:595px; height:300px;" class="dhtmlxTabBar" imgpath="/tools/dhtmlxTabbar/codebase/imgs/" oninit="setactivtab();LoadDiv('')" onClick="LoadDiv('')">
              <div id="a0" name="About user" width="120px">Some html code (static)</div>
              <div id="a1" name="Communications ([COUNT])" style="width:120px"></div>
              <div id="a2" name="Attachment ([COUNT])" style="width:120px"></div>
              <div id="a3" name="Tasks ([COUNT])" style="width:120px"></div>

This is my httprequestion fonction :

[code]function refreshDiv(Div,Url,Count){
	loader = dhtmlxAjax.getSync(s);
	loader = dhtmlxAjax.getSync(p);

And this is my refresh tabbar function for 1 exemple of refreshing :

[code]function LoadDiv(vval){

if ((a_tabbar.getActiveTab()=="a3") && ((document.getElementById("a2").innerHTML=="") || (vval=='force'))){
refreshDiv("a3"," PATH"," PATH"+'a_tabbar.setLabel("a3", "Tasks ([$COUNT])");');	


Can you, please, help me to solve this?

Thank you!

Please, add a tab width as the third parameter in setLabel method:
a_tabbar.setLabel(“a3”, “Tasks ([$COUNT])”, “120px”);


Thank you, but it still does’nt work with this third parameter :frowning:

Any idea? If it can help, my tabbar version .js is v.2.6 build 100722

Sorry, i’ve misleaded you. The third parameter is numeral…
a_tabbar.setLabel(“a3”, “Tasks ([$COUNT])”, 120);

But there is no third parameter in your version 2.6 build 100722. And, probably, there was a problem with setLabel method in this version.
Please, try the latest version. There is no such problem in it.


I tried with the Standard Edition of dhtmlx tabbar v3.0 and it works Very weel!
Thank you very much for your help! :wink:
I have a Professional Edition of dhtmlx tabbar in 2.6, but for this, the standard will be ok for me.
Thank you again!

You are welcome