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Hello everybody,

I’am installing the tabbar mod on my forum/website, but i have the following problem.
when people hover there Mouse over te tab button the browser shows a title/alt text/tooltip in my case “.styles/AquaforA/template/imgs/” i find where it come from and this is cause by the line:

When delete that line all the buttons are gone, and there's no tabbar anymore. How can i make it so that there’s no title showed to my users?


you need to delete title="{T_TEMPLATE_PATH}/imgs/" from

and use only:

Thanks for your reply Alexandra but that is not the solution. I have tried that but then the buttons are gone, all the urls of the buttons are still there but now images are showed.

If i delete that line a need something else to call the buttons, but i have no idea how

Sorry for my terrible English.

Edit: Someone else made the tabbar for me for in my phpBB forum, he made it like this in the html file witch controls the forumindex.



You may try to use the following to disable title:

document.getElementById(“a_tabbar”).onmousemove = function(e){
(e||event).cancelBubble = true
return false

I will try but where to place that code?
In a .js file of in the html file in my latest post.

I use the following .js files.

does anybody got a clue where to put the code ?

On the dhtmlx page after



Thanks that works a bit.

He puts a button on the tabbar named “null” but that doesn’t belong there.

I you want i can give you the link and login to see it live (its on a closed subdomein for testing)

That issue doesn’t relate the tabbar component. We have provided the approach that allows to block tooltip, but we can not solve the problem with your custom functionality.

The tab NULL apears when i put your code into my html code, before it wasn’t there.

Is there a way to change the line witch calls the buttons to an other way.

This line i mean


Mayby you know a way/code, other then title to call out en show the tab button line?

If you sure that problem causes by tabbar, please provide the complete demo to recreate it

I can give you access to my test website, where you can see itt.

In phpBB just like here, you make categories and forums. I have made 4 categories, witch all 4 where showed nicely. But the only thing i don’t like was the tool-tip showing on mouse over.

That was fixed bij placing your code in to the file forumlist_body.html from phpBB, but then a fifth tab come up with the title “Null”
It come automatically, when i delete the code the tab is gone.

So i think the tabbar places that tab, i doesn’t have a empty categorie…

If you ask me there are 2 options.

  1. find where the tab “null” come from and delete is, but than you must know much of JS2
  2. Change the line in the html code with calls the button bar “title=”{template/img}" into something else, with calls the buttons but don’t show a tooltip.

How do you want the complete demo? as in login to my forum or the files send to you?

There problem wasn’t reproduced locally. So, please provide the demo to recreate it

Ìn your pm box are the login and place of the demo. :unamused:

There is not a private message for this issue.

I will send itt again, its was send/read on 13 okt.