tabbar & window


I am creating a dhtmlx window from javascript. In this window I need to create tabbar which will have content based on variables in that javascript. I tried to attachURL to window & pass variables in it(eg: w1.attachURL(“abcd.php?id=”+xyz+"&type=site", true);).

In this URL I have php script & also tried to initialize tabbar in that script which I couldnt. The tabbar content is dependent on those javascript variables. Please help me how can I achieve this scenario. I am an entry level programmer. Can you explain with examples?? I have dhtmlxsuite pro.


attachURL(url,true) loads content by ajax. The loaded content is put as innerHTML into teh window. But the script isn’t executed in this case.

So, you can load only html structure with tabbar container from abcd.php. And the tabbar must be initialized on the main page (the page where dhxwindows was initialized).

var tabbar;


if(win ==w1){

tabbar = new dhtmlXTabBar(…);