Tabbar with Tollbar

can i have a Tollbar with in a Tabbar tab ?

You can create tabbar inside any html container - so in common case it possible to put an HTML div container inside a tab, and init tabbar inside it.

If you are using tabbar inside layout ( tabbar created through attachTabbar method ), you can use
var toolbar = tabbar.cells(tab_id).attachToolbar();
to create toolbar inside target tab.

No, i am not using tabbar with in layout. When user select a icon on screen, i am displaying 3 tabs on a window,  in that one of the tab i want to attach a tollbar

In current version there is no any special solution to create a toolbar inside a standalone tabbar - just add some DIV as content of the tab , and use default toolbar constructor to init toolbar inside that DIV.

thanks, but the pbl is when user scroll with in the tab, toolbar is also moving along with that, i think that is not the functionality of toolbar.

Unfortunately, in current version, ability to link toolbar to the top of tabbar available only in case of layout usage ( attachTabbar, attachToolbar methods described above )