Hi to all

im creating tabbar using dhtmlxtabbar lastest version here i mention the code








im veing the combo box with the same page

                LRU Input
                Totalcost Input
                Logistic Footprint Input
                Availability Input
                Maintanability Input
                Reliability Input

when onchange event i want to show the appropriate tab
in javascript

tabbar=new dhtmlXTabBar(“a_tabbar”,“bottom”);

and onchange event i wrote tabbar.setTabActive(“3”);

but its not working kindly help me

S Lambert Leonrad

Please check the attached sample

You need not to create a new tabbar instance, you can access the existing tabbar by using ID of its container.
<div id=“a_tabbar

a_tabbar.setTabActive(“3”) (25.2 KB)

Thank you Mr.Stanislav