I am trying to dynamically add tabs based on the number of scripts. So instead of a static value for the name of the tab, I am trying define a variable tabbar = ‘t’.m where m increments. addTab(tabbar) , When I try to diaply tabbar it shows undefined. how to dynamically define tabbars?


Can suggest you some sample with tab iteration. You can do the same by analogy
tabbar_addTab.rar (31.8 KB)

I am new to DHX, but I want to use Tabbar as a Joomla component, is there a fast way to create this out of the box?

I am greatly looking forward to hearing from someone!
Many thanks in advance for your speedy responses! :smiley:

Hello, Kanezza
You can’t use dhtmlxTabbar as Joomla component. But you can look at examples of dhtmlxTabbar usage here: … r/samples/