Tabber in a mixed HTML and SVG content page: bug?

I have an HTML page were I built a working tab with the tabber: in a pure HTML page it works pefectly.

Then I embedded this working tab in a page with mixed content, HTML and SVG. On top of the page I have the

tab and below an interactive SVG clickable map. I instructed the server to send the page with a response

header “Content-type: image/svg+html” since this is required by Firefox to render svg correctly.

When I display this mixed-content page, the tabber generates an error which is trapped by Firebug (on

Firefox has no properties (at dhtmlxtabbar.js line32)


Since image/svg+xml requires strictly well formed xml, I suspect that the dhtmlxtabber.js code dynamically

generates HTML elements with a not well formed syntax (just a suspicion). I tried to add one line of code

before the offending statement: = “opacity:1;” (just a harmless assignment)

At that point the Javascript parser of Firefox finds a bug in an other statement further down the call chain: has no properties at line 35

Really no clue how to proceed: any suggestion?


The dhtmlxTabbar was not purposed to be used with such doctype , so it works with any HTML or xHTML doctypes but never was tested with SVG doctype
In case of strict XML based doctypes the browser limit set of properties to available in standard DOM only, also browser threats whitespaces in DOM slightly differently - both those reasons will cause many serious issues with any of dhtmlx component, so I’m pretty sure that dhtmlxtabbar can’t be easily adopted to support SVG doctype.