Tabber Inconsistant behaviour between browsers

I am using version 2.6 (Pro) Tabber loading by HTML. the following snippet works fine in IE 8 but fails in other browsers. We need to pass in some parameters from the main page to the tab pages in the href attribute. If I hardcode in the params instead of trying to get them from form variables it works fine in IE7 and Firefox. I really need to get them from the form. Any help would be appreciated.

<script language="javascript" type="text/javascript">
  function doBeforeInit(){

Try to use document.getElementById(element_id).value or document.forms[0].objectiterationid.value to get input value.

The problem is with the page itself displaying. The single quotes in the href only work in IE8. IF I take them out it does not work in IE8. Basically I need to know what format the href needs to be in to work in all browsers. Example: Somepage.html?someparam=document.form.varibale.value

Try to initialize tabbar using javascript.
Here is the ready sample in the tabbar package - dhtmlxTabbar/samples/01_initialization/06_loading_by_iframes.html.
In this case the problem won’t occur.