Tabber Integration with dhtmlxGrid

I am having problems with the Tabber - dhtmlxGrid integration. There seem to be some bugs with the column header resizing code.

Test the sample at:

If you move the second column divider… the first divider will resize. Something is wrong with the column header resize code.

All the other grid samples resize the column header correctly. This is correct for example:

The grid samples all have correct header resize. But when it is integrated with the Tabber something is wrong.

How can I fix this?

In the dhtmlxSuite\dhtmlxTabbar\samples\05_components\01_grid_inside.html sample the first column has automatic width (* as a width):

However, you may set the fixed width for the column as it is done in the dhtmlxGrid\samples\01_cell_types\03_excell_grid.html sample.