Tabindex does not work correctly on Combofromselect

I have added multiple combo boxes to a form that also contains traditional text boxes and checkboxes. I am including a tabindex on each field in my form. If I try to tab through the fields, it will tab through all of the non-combobox fields, then through the comboboxes. According to the tabindex, it should go back and forth between the two types of boxes. I can’t find this problem anywhere on the forum. What could I be doing wrong, or is this the way the combofromselect works?

Unfortunately it is not available to add the tabindex attribute to the dhtmlxCombo.

If you have a support subscription, please open a ticket in the support system.
While combo doesn’t support tab index by default, it is relative easy to extend the rendering logic and create a customized version of the combo with tabIndex assigned.

Thanks Stanislav,
I don’t currently have a subscription, but it may be worth it!