Tablet Drag and Drop support, etc

Is there any plan to ever take the treegrid to a point where it works well with a tablet?

The drag&drop, context menu, and scrollbars…

thank you!


I tested it with a Windows 8.1 touchscreen and was able to confirm that I cannot drag and drop utilizing the Windows 8 Touch Screen in IE11

Unfortunately the drag’n’drop, context menu and scrollbars usage is not avaialable on the touch devices in dhtmlxgrid.
I may suggest you to use the dhxTouch component, which is designed for the touch devices.

does the touch component have a treegrid feature?

Ah, your’re right. sorry.
There is no treegrid in dhxTouch component.
Unfortunately it is not available to use drag&drop, context menu, and scrollbars on tablet devices.