Tabs (DAY, WEEK, Mode) styles


we have installed the schedule component for the usage on the touchscreen monitor (22’) with android 4.0 - due to the enlargement there we have to increase almost all of the fonts / backgroung images etc.

The overall text size in not an issue due to the clear definition in the css file. however we have an issue with the Tabs styles - particulary with the tabs weight/location:
how do we set it to be wider (e.g. more than 120 px) and still with the space between each others?
we have already tried dieffernt compositions of the styles in the dhtmlxscheduler.css - to increase the weight is not a problem, but the tabs are overlapping - as per dev. addon in firefox the /* Inline styles */ defines the fixed “right” style param (e.g. right: 148px;)

Where to find it?

there are some fixed styles coded in the dhtmlx.js - tried to increase it - no success. :frowning:

thank you very much in advance for your hint!

have a look at file dhtmlxSchedulerConfigurator.php. It contains the follow code:

$scheduler .= "<div class=\"dhx_cal_tab\" name=\"".$name."_tab\" style=\"right:".(20 + 64*$modesNumber)."px;\"></div>";

20 is right offset, 64 is a width of tab with offset. So you may change 64 to bigger value.

Thank you! works great.