Tabs Missing

When I place the tabbar div inside another div I only have the first tab showing. When outside all other divs it works fine. I am wanting to have the position of the tabbar div relative to other divs on the page so it needs to go inside at least one other div.

Any ideas on how to fix it would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance

some menu here

How is the width of tabbar’s container defined?

By default tabbar, takes the size which assigned to related container, so it possible that it just have small size assigned on moment of tabbar initialization, and as result, final view to small to show all tabs.

>>When outside all other divs it works fine.
Can occur because of above described reason if you have width as 100% - it will be 100% of parent container, not the 100% of all page

Thank you once again for your very prompt response. I found a problem in a earlier container. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction. You guys rock!!!