Tabs with PHP-Content

Helo friends,

I am new in this forum and need help for my little project, but I am not so good in english :wink:

My problem is very simple:
I have a index.php-file that includes other php-files for any tab. For example:

<div id="ticketgen">
        <div id="tabProject"><?php include('project.php'); ?></div>
        <div id="tabEmail"><?php include('email.php'); ?></div>
        <div id="tabNewHardware"><?php include('bestellung.php'); ?></div>
        <div id="tabRentObject"><?php include('leihformular.php'); ?></div>
    <div id="tabSWInstall"><?php include('bestellung.php'); ?></div>

The file “project.php” looks like that:

<html><head><!-- same header-files like index.php</head>
...<!-- some input elements -->...
<!-- Widthout this line, were the tabbar invisible -->
<script src="js/dhtmlxTabbar.js" type="text/javascript" charset="utf-8"></script>

And then a part of the tabbar-config-file (dhtmlxTabbar.js):

	var mainLayout = new dhtmlXLayoutObject("ticketgen", '1C');
	var layoutTickets = mainLayout.cells('a');
	var tabbarMain = layoutTickets.attachTabbar();
        var tabProject = tabbarMain.cells('tabProject');
        var projects = tabProject.attachObject('tabProject');

Finaly, it looks like good but the included forms which are longer that the screenview dont have a scrollbar in the right side. Then i looking for any style-sheets with the attribute “display:hidden” or others and set them to “scroll” or “auto” with the same result.

Last but not least, i thing the main problem are the included php-files. DHTMLx dont load the complete view of the the files and hide a part of them. If I use js-scripts instead of php-code, the scrollbar were visible.

Can someone help me with this bad problem?

None of you has an alternative for my solution or any tips?

We need completed demo to test it. … leted_demo

Hi Darya,

I have upload the important files, that you need for the example and i hope it works :wink:

Thanks for helping!
Complete (713 KB)

Sorry, but your demo seems broken, we can’t check the issue, there is a blank screen only.

Ah ok, sorry for that. I try to upload an other version.

Now, I solve the problem by myself :slight_smile:

I only add a style-sheet (see below) in each div-tag, which show the “php-based” tab-content and then I saw the scrollbar on the right. Thats a wonder!

<div style="width: 100%; height: 100%; overflow: auto"><?  /* php-content */</div>

Thanks a lot!
And the biggest thank for you, Darya :wink:

You are welcome!