Tabsize on tabbar

I want to alter the height of the tabbar tab.
the width is no problem, but how do I alter the height?
It looks like this is hardcoded?

Yes, it is hardcoded almost in all of skins. You can increase the height of a tab only in “default” and “modern” skins.

Hello Darya,

your answer is not completely clear to me. At the moment I use terrace as skin.
I use this trick to fill the tabs with a icon and text :

name='<div class="menuitem" style="background-image: url(images/menu/'+image+')"><a class="menutext">'+caption+'</a></div>'

I don’t care about the skin images, I can fix this my self. If I want to change the height of the tab I have to modify the original code in script (tested en works). Besides this is not the way to walk, it’s also a dead end, because we use this component on other places in our application where we desire the default height.

You mention it can be done in modern skins, is there a sample on how to do this?
Or is there a way to modifying the height ignoring the fact that the images have to be modified?

To increace the tab height you need to apply this height at tannar init:
tabbar = new dhtmlXTabBar(“a_tabbar”, “top”, 60);
But you really need to redraw pictures.


Your answer dit not completely solve the problem in my situation, but it give me some pointers on where to search in the code.

My nasty but working solution :

var mainMenu = dhxLayout.cells('a').attachTabbar(); mainMenu._s.line_height=75;

problem is that the method attachTabbar(); dit not parse all arguments to the tabbar constructor.
this method only parses the second argument, so there was no way to add the height.

This parameter was missed because of using different skins at attaches. It is something like design feature.