Tag traduction in grid header


I want to display a picture in column header, near the title.

So, i use the following javascript code to initialize the grid header.

Grille.loadXMLString(’<?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?>            <![CDATA[

]]>', finirInitialisationGrille);

In the header the text is ok, but the img appears like a unknown source (broken image).

When i check the source in the image properties, it indicates :


when i place the folowing code directly into the body of html page, it works fine :

So i suppose the grid makes an traduction of the special character?

Do you have an idea?

Maybe i don’t use dhtmlxgrid object not correctly?

Best regards

The desired behavior doesn’t related to the component logic.
I’m not quite sure which kind of server side logic you are using, but in above sample, your server side script just not replaced variable inside XML string - most probably it caused by outputing such data directly in the page, without server side processing.