Tagname is null or not an object


I am using dhtmlx grid in my application and it is showing a javascript error saying ‘tagname is null or not an object’ and also ‘parentnode is null or not an object’.This error occurs only when I move my mouse over the grid. Dont know why it is throwing this error. Can you please help me fixing his.

Thank you in advance.

Which version of grid you are using?
In old version of grid, similar error may occur, if some complex HTML content placed inside grid’s cell.
The issue must not occur for dhtmlxgrid 1.6

If you are using older version of grid, please try to add next code to grid initialization
    grid.getFirstParentOfType=function(obj, tag){
        while (obj&&obj.tagName != tag&&obj.tagName != “BODY”){
        return obj;

If problem still occurs - please provide any kind of sample, or demo link where issue can be reconstructed.

Here is the code which is giving the trouble.



Please check attached sample, it uses same init and works correctly .

1216376545.zip (84.5 KB)