tags or tooltips for hollydays

I changed the style for hollydays in the calendar, but I need to add an indicative text also.

How can I add a tooltip (i.e. title=xxx in the

of the day), a text at the left of the date, or a special date format for specific days?

It possible to define custom tooltips for events, but you can’t assign tooltips for day slots in month | week view.

Also, buy using templates it possible to define tooltips for date strings in week|month view ( but not for empty space of time slots )

Ok, then it is possible to add a tooltip for a date string? How can I do it?

Date labels are defined by templates
docs.dhtmlx.com/doku.php?id=dhtm … plates_map

You can define your own templates , where date string will be wrapped as

date string here

Ok, but in this case, it will be applied to all dates. Is there any way to specify a date string for some particular days?

Templates receives a date , for which text need to be rendered as incoming parameter, so you can place a code in template, which check incoming parameter, and output titles only for necessary dates.