Tapestry updateZone together with Scheduler

Hi Everbody,

i have a Zone inside a Map which loads the scheduler on a click event.

Depending on which specific click on a mapmarker the corresponding Calendar should load and be visualized.

What i do is in Javascript i catch the click evetn send an Ajax Request and tell the zone to reevalute the scheduler.

My Problem is:

On the first few attempts (without reloading the site) this is approach is very fast. but after like 20-30 switches the calendar takes more and more time to render on the page. (about 3-6 seconds and rising)

I tired profiling it with firefox and get the following results

or sometimes i get the following

can some one pls explain me why this take longer and longer?


When i debugg the script in firefox for scheduler.render_event, i see the scheduler on the right adding the events on by one … then deleting all and then adding them again and again.
the more i click on the mapmarker the more this process happens in the render_event function…

i can not seem to find out why that happens… this is the cause for the major slowdown… but i dont know why it happens

also th scheduler is normaly showing about 3-5 events so it should not take long to visualize them…

i already tried to set an delay_render of 50… this helps but it only delay the problems to more clicks…