Task assigned to multiple users

Is it possible to have a task ( event ) that is assigned to multiple users ( resources ) and show this on a scheduler timeline . So for example a task that is assigned to 3 users would show up 3 times on the timeline once for each user.

Would it then be possible to drag the event for one of the users and have the other users event on the timeline update accordingly.
Would it also be possible to edit the event from a lightbox for one user and have the other users event on the timeline update accordingly.

technically it’s possible, but requires some customization. This functionality is not available out of box.
You may override scheduler.get_visible_events function (it is responsible for providing events to be rendered to the view). In the method you could call the original ‘get_visible_events’ to retreive array of the event objects. Then you could iterate this array and when ‘multiresource’ event is found, you replace it with several ‘regular’ copies, one per each resource


I successfully added the code

[code] scheduler.attachEvent(“onEventLoading”, function(ev){


        if (ev.staff_id.indexOf(",") != -1){
            var ids = ev.staff_id.split(",");
            for (var i=0;i<ids.length;i++)
            var new_event = scheduler._copy_event(ev[i]); //copy master event
            new_event.staff_id = ids[i]; //assign id of related user
            //alert("new_event.staff_id:" + new_event.staff_id);
            new_event.id = ev.id + "_" + ids[i];
            //alert("new_event.id" + new_event.id);
            //scheduler.addEvent(new_event[i]); //add to the scheduler
                    start_date: ev.start_date,
                    end_date:   ev.end_date,
                    text:   ev.text,
                    welchesstudio: ev.welchesstudio,
                    welchesprojekt: ev.welchesprojekt,
                    welcheschicht: ev.welcheschicht,
                    staff_id: ids[i]
            return false;
        return true;

which displays all events with two or more staff_id by two or more events.
The point is I do not want to have them as copied events in the month/day-view, but only in the special timelineview which correspondens to the section staff_id. Is there a way to have “oneventsloading” function only when I switch to a special view?