Task Auto Expand On Manual Resize


I’m trying to manually resize a task by dragging the right side of it to its minimum duration_unit.
When I get to some point, the task automatically expand to its original full size.
It just won’t let me do it.
BUT, if I use the lightbox by double clicking on it and changing the duration, it works. I can get the value I want.

In other words, the manual resize can’t go under 60 minutes but with the lightbox, I can go at 1.

Can someone help me with that?

Here is my snippet:

gantt.config.work_time = false;
gantt.config.round_dnd_dates = false;
gantt.config.time_step = 1;

gantt.config.scale_unit = “minute”;
gantt.config.step = 1;
gantt.config.date_scale = “%d %i”;

gantt.config.duration_unit = ‘minute’;
gantt.config.duration_step = 1;

Hello Philippe,
It works that way because Gantt doesn’t allow resizing the task so that it has a smaller duration than the gantt.config.min_duration parameter:
Here is the updated snippet with that parameter and the up-to-date scale configuration:

Hi ramil,

Thanks for solving my issue!
Didn’t know about gantt.config.min_duration.
It works now.