Task name problem

Task names suddenly disappeared in all the tasks , in the database the task names are there but not in the front end its total empty

I’ve checked tasks names rendering in a simple snippet https://snippet.dhtmlx.com/5/a40beee82 , but it seems to work correctly there.
Can you please send me some kind of example where I could reproduce the issue locally?
You can create one in our snippet tool https://snippet.dhtmlx.com/5/a40beee82 (click the share button and send me the new link), or send me a standalone HTML page, or an online link to the page where I can see the issue.

Hey, have you done any library update? that could make that happen ? because i havent done any changes, it was working correctly and when i saw it one day it was just missing the task names…

Recently, the Gantt was updated to the 7.0 version. It looks like you attached the CSS file of another version of the Gantt. Just open the snippet with the old version of the Gantt, for example, 5.2 and attach a new CSS file:
If you attach the CSS of the same version of the Gantt, then there is no problem:
This is due to a change in table styles that happened in 7.0. Please read more about this in the paragraph Styling grid cells: