Task resize position


Hi there
I noticed that when resizing a Task, at the begin or end doesn’t really mater, I place the mouse right on top of the frame and click, but once I start resizing, the Task start/end line moves about 1 minute on the scale ,away from the mouse, towards the right side. (in my case I have a very zoomed scale so that i see the minutes). This is also visible on lower scales.
I’m not very sure wether this is a bug or maybe just a definition, and probably there is even a purpose for this to happen.
Does any one else noticed this?


Hi @Contente ,

I can’t surely say, that I fully understand what is the issue. I tried to reproduce it, but all looked correctly(I tested it in the timeline view, as you didn’t describe where have you met this issue):
Highly likely, the scenario you described, occurs as the event’s duration changes on the value from the “time_step” config, and the edge of the event can move faster/slower than a mouse, like in follows screencast:
which is expected behavior.

If you meant something different, could you please provide more details or reproduce the issue in follows demo:
(reproduce the issue => click the “Share” button => post here the new link).


Thank you very much for checking my issue. I believe I have found out what’s going on, let me just make sure and I’ll reply here with all the details. :slight_smile:


Hi @Siarhei … I have found the issue.
I was “for some reason” changing a class

.dhx_timeline_data_wrapper{ padding-left: 224px !important; }

which caused this issue.
Now seems to be working fine has it should