task_row_class and grid_row_class don't align properly

I’m trying to set custom heights for certain tasks. I am using the task_row_class to change the row height, and the grid_row_class to change the task height. When I set them both to 100px height they aren’t the same height. The Grid is larger than the Row. How can I make them the same height?

[code] if (task.type === gantt.config.types.project){
gantt.templates.grid_row_class = function (start, end, task) {
if (task.text !== ‘af’) return false;
//return “”;
return “bloo”;

            gantt.templates.task_row_class = function(start, end, task) {
                if (task.text !== 'af') return false;
                //return "";
                return "bloo";


.bloo { height: 80px !important; } Here is an image of what it looks like

link to image


Please, use gantt.config.row_height to set new height of cells and the height of events will be changed according it.
docs.dhtmlx.com/gantt/api__gant … onfig.html

Doesn’t this apply the changes to all of the rows? I only need it for specific rows.


Unfortunately there is no easy way to implement it. The way how to achieve it by using css you can see in this topic:

Thank you.