Tasks end on wrong date in Chart (Bug)


i have the following problem in my implementation:

I provide the chart with the dates 10-05-2014 and 20-05-2014 as start and end date for a task. dhtmlxGantt then shows the correct dates in the columns on the left (2014-05-10, 2014-05-20) but in the chart itself the task ends at 2014-05-19 …

Is there a known issue that the calculation of duration for a task is done wrong in dhtmlxGantt?
I could fix the issue by providing duration+1 instead of end date, but then if i would show the end date on the left, it would be wrong.

Any other way to fix that bug?

Thanks in advance


This is not exactly a bug. 20-05-2014 is interpreted as 00:00:00 20 May 2014 - which means task ends by 20 May, not including the day.
If you want to show dates inclusively, try to modify the template function for the columns
docs.dhtmlx.com/gantt/api__gantt … plate.html

Yeah, that is what i figured. I didn’t know you could provide a time for the date as well.

Did that now, setting the startdate to 00:00 and the enddate to 23:59 and that did the trick.

Thanks a lot for clarifying that.

Hi, can you help me do set the startdate to 00:00 and the enddate to 23:59 and that do that trick.
Can you show me ?