Tasks getting cut in PDF export


I have a licensed version of gantt. My version is 7.0.9. Tasks are getting cut at the horizontal end of the page for multiple page export to PDF. Pls suggest any way around and also if we can add header/footer for each page for multiple page export.


Hello @bikramjit,

There is no built-in solution, but you can try one of the workarounds described in the following topic:

Here are options that allows controlling the height of tasks:

So you can manipulate it, in order to make tasks fit the exported pages.

please, do not duplicate questions in different topics.


@Siarhei Thanks for the response. I have tried the workarounds. After adjusting the row heights etc, It still gets cut from 10th/12th page onwards. Also, is it possible to get the height of the header row. i.e., top row displaying the task fields.