Template html-> and common.method()

Are there any issues with html container templates and {common.method()} or {common.property}?

I am having problems with:

<div id="search_template_not_found2" style="display:none;">
	<table class="property">
	<tr><td> testing 123:  {common.mymethod()}	</td></tr>
{view:'template', id:'tst', template:'html->search_template_not_found2', type:{ mymethod:function(obj){return "456"} }  }


“template” view does not have “type” property and its template gets only data object as an argument:


testing 123: {obj.value}

So there is not a way for an external html template to use the {common.method()}? I can develop a work around.

The documentation shows this an option, so I was trying to implement.
docs.dhtmlx.com/touch/doku.php?i … _templates


The documentation shows this an option

This approach works in multi-data components: list, grid, dataview. However, “template” view does not provide such a feature.

Thank you for the update.