Template view not scrollable

I have been testing the Touch Alpha.

  1. I noticed that many of the views have the ability to scroll, except for the Template View does not.

  2. Will there be a FORM item for being able to edit “textarea” tags or multi-line text fields.

Thanks for the Touch Library.

(1) Yep, currently templates are not scrollable. In final version we will add ability to made them scrollable, or will add a separate “scroll_view” object. There are pros and cons both both solution, but there will be a way to load some static content and made it scrollable.

(2) Existing form allows to create custom inputs. Currently it will take about 10 lines of code to create custom textarea box, which can be used inside forms or toolbars ( if you interested - I can provide a sample ).

Yes, a sample of textarea box would be great.

Are you going to add in ipad rotation/orientation in Touch? In my app, I’m using the orientation functions from your pizza demo.

I have been trying to make the editable text fields width to fill the border box. I have been able to find the CSS class to make the border/box wider (dhx_inp_text_border). My problem is that the class for the input text (dhx_inp_text) always stays at width 118px.

From Inspecting the element with Firebug:

Example from JS:
var user_edit = { view:“form”, id:“user_edit”, scroll: true, data:[
{ type: ‘text’, name: ‘barcode’, label: ‘Barcode’, value: ‘’, width:400, labelWidth: 140, id:‘barcode’ },
{ type: ‘text’, name: ‘budget_code’, label: ‘Budget Code’, value: ‘’, inputWidth: 250, labelWidth: 140, id:‘budgetcode’}

There is not inputWidth property. You may specify total width - “width” and label width - “labelWidth”. And the input will occupy the free space:

{ type: ‘text’, name: ‘budget_code’, label: ‘Budget Code’, value: ‘’, width:400, labelWidth: 140, id:‘budgetcode’}