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I have made updates to the “Date Formats” templates in the admin screen (dhtmlxSchedular for WordPress 2.3) but they do not seem to apply to the start/end date inputs in the “new Event” dialogue, while it does apply to the “end By” date field in the Time Period section:

Is there a way to have the start/end date boxes show in the format assigned in the Template section?

Also, is it possible to have a date-picker be active for the “End By” date field in the Repeat-Event section?


As for date picker in recurring details section - not possible in current version.
As for date format -

add the next line in the event-calendar-scheduler\scheduler_include.html


I was trying to change that “End By” date as well and found the input in the js code:

scheduler.templates.date_of_end = scheduler.date.date_to_str("%m/%d/%Y");

but it isn’t working. Is there a better field name to use?

add to the same file

scheduler.config.repeat_date = "%d.%m.%Y";