Terrace skined layout adds header even if header is disabled


i changed my css and skin from skyblue to terrace and disable all headers in my layout configuration. than i attached a sidebar to one cell and the header of this cell is suddenly visible.
comparing the website css-classes from skyblue and terrace the class “dhx_cell_hdr_hidden” is missing in the terrace skined header div.

here is my example code:


html, body {width: 100%;height: 100%;margin: 0px;overflow: hidden;}
        var Layout, Sidebar;
        function doOnLoad() {
            Layout = new dhtmlXLayoutObject({
                parent:     document.body,
                pattern:    "2U",
                skin:       "dhx_terrace",
                cells: [
                        id:             "a",
                        header:         false,
                        id:             "b",
                        header:         false,

            Sidebar = Layout.cells("b").attachSidebar({
<body onload="doOnLoad()">
[/code] the only solution for now is to hide the header with [code] Layout.cells("b").hideHeader(); [/code] but this causes another issue. a different class is added to the header div called "dhx_cell_hdr_hidden_no_borders" instead of the expected "dhx_cell_hdr_hidden" class.

is this a normal behavier or is it a bug?

i am using the current std lib build .

thanks in advance for your help.

to be more exact here is a online example with the visual designer:

dhtmlx.com/docs/products/visualD … ve/#2t954h

as you can see in both cells the header is checked to be hidden. but in cell A, containing the sidebar, the header is visible. in cell B, containing any other component, the header is not visible, as expected.


Thanks for reporting. The fix will be included in one of the upcoming minor or major update. If you need it urgently and you have active support subscription, please open a ticket in our support system: support.dhtmlx.com/