text area

Can we edit the text area with different font colors.
For example,
Description text area, i want the first line to be display in blue font color. second line to be display in red color like that.
Please suggest.

You can use css.
Please, check the following sample:

Hi, in text area how to enter new line.
for eg., meeting with A at 5pm on Monday.
I want Monday to display in second line in database itself.


Please, could you attach the screenshot, which displayed that you want to implement?

in this attachment, I want ‘HI,’ to be in first line and 'I would like to be invite for meeting ’ in second line.
like dis format it want to store in db .
How to fix it.

Please, see example:
You need to add tag
to html description. The way how to achieve it you can see in the sample below.