text_filter on large datasets

I have a grid with many rows with automatic filters using text_filters.
If there are many rows and the user starts typing a filter string, the grid tries to update after every character types. When only 1 or 2 characters are typed, it takes a long time for the grid to refresh. Not surprising, there are many matches. Searching on 1 or 2 characters in huge grids doesn’t make sense in our case. Is it possible to postpone searching until after a specific number of characters are typed ?

Such customization is available only with modifications in the dhtmlxgrid_filter.js

Please, try to find the following function dhtmlxgrid_filter.js:


in that function you can find setTimeout method with the predefined delay defore the filtering:

this._timer=window.setTimeout(function(){ if (id.value != id.old_value){ self.filterByAll(); id.old_value=id.value; } },500);
change the value “500” to the needed.