Text formulas possible?

Is it possible to add a column with a text formula?

simple integration I need:
↳ without showing the original first & last name columns

difficult integration I need:
A formula with “if” that checks if a field contains certain text or not, then outputs text based on true or false.
if(registration_date contains ‘2015/10’,‘October reg.’,‘no reg.’)

Unfortunately there is no such formulas in the dhtmlxGrid.
But you may try to create a custom column typewith the required behavior.
Here you can find a tutorial:
docs.dhtmlx.com/grid__columns_ty … olumntypes

Dear Sematik,
I’m trying to show last name + first name in a column, but I can’t seem to find out how.
To test I am first trying to show a complete different cell from the same record:
Can you have a look at my code real quick?

[code] function eXcell_nc(cell){ // the eXcell name is defined here
if (cell){ // the default pattern, just copy it
this.cell = cell;
this.grid = this.cell.parentNode.grid;
this.edit = function(){} //read-only cell doesn’t have edit method
// the cell is read-only, so it’s always in the disabled state
this.isDisabled = function(){ return true; }
var row_idd=this.cell.parentNode.idd; // this works
var namec=cellById(row_idd,3); // this doesn’t work…
var namec=this.grid.cellById(row_idd,3); // this also doesn’t work…
// actual data processing may be placed here, for now we just set value as it is
eXcell_nc.prototype = new eXcell;// nests all other methods from the base class



It seems not possible to use two fields in one column in dhtmlx’s custom fields.
But it is however possible with SQL:

render_sql(" SELECT [b]CONCAT_WS(',',first_name,last_name) AS fln[/b] FROM tableA ","id","id, fln")
and then just include that in the connector.php file.

In case someone is looking for a way to do this.

↑↑↑ In the above code the and is a mistake, and must not be included in the code.

↑↑↑ In the above code the ‘[ b ]’ and ‘[ /b ]’ is a mistake, and must not be included in the code.