Text Inputs don't work on iPad 2

Loving the Touch components, but I can’t get the text or textarea inputs working on an iPad 2.

I can’t even get those elements working on the dhtmlx.com Touch Components Gallery page on their own website using same iPad. Any text inputs created outside of DHTMLX Touch are also affected.

After further testing, I couldn’t get text or textarea inputs working on an iPod touch, either.

iPad and iPod were both updated with new iOS last week. Could this be causing the conflict? The elements work fine on my Android phone and on a desktop.

There was issues with iOS5, but now the package is updated - you can re-download it and check demo apps inside.

Live samples will be updated in nearest time as well

I have the same problems, but I’m using dhtmlxScheduler_mobile. Is there an update for it as well?

Updated js file is attached, main scheduler’s package will be updated in the nearest time as well.
dhtmlxscheduler_mobile.zip (39.1 KB)