text layout in event

At first, thanks for the wonderful component.

I just would like, when filling an event, to insert text in a table or in a list (or via copy/paste out of Word or any kind of texteditor).

Something with more fields…
Or something like this:

  • group: …
  • name: Mr. and. Mrs…
  • to do: …works etc…
  • cleaning: Mr.Smith
  • telephone: 012345678
  • etc.: …

Or putting this in a kind of table.
Can this be done?

Thanks in advance.


It certainly is look at scheduler.templates.event_text this function will allow you to modify the content of the event body. scheduler.templates.event_header will allow you to modify the content of the title. Examples can be found at docs.dhtmlx.com/doku.php?id=dhtm … tails_form it has details on how to do that.

Oops… thanks ChrisB… but I think we are talking about different stuff…?
I am talking about the Joomla component.
This maybe is the wrong place to inform?


While component can be configured to use any count of extra fields - plugins for Joomla and WP have not admin’s GUI for such tasks. So it will require changes in plugin’s code to achieve such functionality.

If its not time critical - we plan to update plugins in 2-3 weeks, and part of update will be ability to define extra data for events.

That’s good news.
I’'ll be waiting (not in such a hurry).

Thanks for quick reply.