The bug of Software conflict

I found a Software conflict.“电脑管家” the download url [link deleted]
I use the dataProcessor in the grid like this

dp = new dataProcessor("dp.php"); //lock feed url dp.enableDataNames(true); //will use names instead of indexes dp.init(grid); //link dataprocessor to the grid dp.setTransactionMode("GET");

when I send the data(add,update,delete),it will send three times to the “dp.php”.
win7 or xp and chrome.
please help.

Unfortunately the usage of the specific browsers is not supported.

It is chrome browsers.Is not support???

chrome browser is supported, but the mentioned problem cannot be reconstructed locally.
Please, share with a demo link, where the problem can be reproduced.

when i check/uncheck the will send the data to the dp.php.i write the sql log to the file “log.txt”.
now once check ,it will send twice data to the dp.php.And i log the source ip.the first is my real ip ,and the secend ip is not.
and the secend logs delay 3 mins.

the bug will happend on External access。In Intranet it is ok.

Please setup the software on your computer.the url “

thank you .
The demo link i send you private message.

somebody here??? hi ,sematik …

Unfortunately the problem cannot be reproduced locally. On your page only a single request sends during the checkbox click.
Please, refer to the attached video:

the secend and third request will sends after few minutes. and dp.php will not respone anything.
please check the log file with the log url.ok?

sematik please help me fix this .

Unfortunately the problem cannot be reproduced.
Your demo works well for me. No automatic requests duplicating the updating data are comes.

please try it again.(install the conflict software)“

please wait few minutes ,and check the log url.(

you will finder the three logs.

This software is often automatically installed, a lot of people use in china.
please help me .

The problem cannot be replicated with the original Google Chrome. Third-side software that changes the behavior of browsers is not supported officially.
At this point I can say that the dhtmlx works coorectly.
If you need this third-side software to be integrated with the dhtmlx please, open ticket at