The Calendar can't work smoothly

Hi Stanislav:

First thank you very much,you help me a lot.
As discussed in the previous post.and the post’s url is [url]carousel:Can't slide it one by one - DHTMLX Touch - DHTMLX.
You solved the slide issue of carousel.
Now i get a new issue,the Calendar can’t work smoothly.
the number of the right side edge is very difficult to be selected,But it can work well on pc Google Chrome browser.
My runtime environment is smart mobile phone with andriod2.1
By the way,In original version,the Calendar samples can work fine except the right angle brackets can’t change month of the year.

Is problem occurs in some of default samples or only in your app ?
We can’t reconstruct the same issue locally.

The problem occurs in all default samples including Calendar or datepicker.On pc,it works well.I suggested that you should tested it on smart mobile phones with Andriod system.
Below url is my testing object.The Calendar can’t be selected smoothly.
Touch Components Gallery

We are making test on real Android devices and problem doesn’t occurs for default samples.