The child of a tree gets the HTML Code when the single click

Im getting the following HTML code inside the child of tree datatype grid when i input “Hello” string in the grid.


Can anybody help me out

To be more clear i have a child of tree datatype in the grid . When i enable single click option using the mygrid.enableEditEvents(true,true,true) command i get the HTML code shown above in the grid

The situation is not reconstructable locally - please provide info which version of grid use and in which version of browser situation occurs.
The similar behaviour possible in case of really old tree version used, but the latest one works correctly in described situation.
To solve issue you can use   

Yes got it . Actualy the issue was i was trying to drag it by issueing a MoveRowto command  when i had the grid oopen for editing. Now that before Moverowto command I used editStop() command so that the problem got solved . Thanks for the reply …